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what is a safety plan / why is it important

What is a safety plan / why is it so important

Violence generally escalates when an individual attempts to leave or is in the process of ending a relationship.

It is at this time that an individual is in the most danger of being severely beaten or murdered.

A safety plan involves identifying the necessary action steps to ensure one’s safety whether they choose to stay within the relationship or not.

If possible, keep the safety plan and its contents in a private and safe location unknown to one’s partner.

When creating a safety plan, it is important to remember:

  • To take of yourself, including your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • The safety of you and your children is always the most important thing.
  • That you are not responsible for your (ex) partner’s abusive behaviour.
  • That you are not alone. Even if not visible, there is a community of survivors who are advocating for you to succeed.

The following are suggestions NOT recommendations on how to navigate such situations.


The following information is adapted from the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre Peer Support Handbook and the Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse Creating A Safety Plan Booklet