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leaving an abusive relationship with children

leaving and abusive relationship with children

What if I don’t have enough Finances to Support Me and My Children

The safety of you and your children is the main priority. You do not need to feel trapped in dangerous situation due to fear of money.

Shelters will provide short-term help and can help you look for housing, long-term support and financial support.

Can I take my Children with Me When Leave?

If you feel that your children are in danger, call the Police and ensure they are aware of the situation and that you are taking your children to a shelter or a location where they will be safe.

The following are suggestions NOT recommendations on how to navigate such situations.


What if my (Ex)-Partner Wants Visitation Rights

Once you are in a safe location you can contact a lawyer to help you obtain a custody order or parenting order.

If you are worries about the child’s safety, you may request the judge to order supervised visits or in more extreme cases order no visits.

What if I am Worried that my Child is At-Risk for Parental Abduction

  1. Contact a lawyer and your local police
  2. Ask the judge if the child’s passport can be kept by the court
  3. Keep all important records (e.g., health) of your child in safe and accessible place
  4. Keep a copy of the custody order/agreement
  5. If your child is a Canadian citizen, contact Passport Canada [ toll-free 1-800-567-6868 or TTY 1-866-255-7655] to add their names to a Passport control list. If your child is not a Canadian citizen contact the embassy or consulate, explain the situation and ask them to refuse passports for your child.

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