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if you call 9-1-1

If you call 9-1-1

Remember that there is no charge when dialing when facing an emergency.

Tell them you have been assaulted and that it is an emergency.

If you call from a land line, you can leave the phone off the hook after you have dialed 911 and the police will come to your location.

If you call from a cell phone, the police cannot tell where you are calling from, so be sure to give them your address immediately.

For TTY access press the spacebar announcer key repeatedly until a response is received.

If you do not speak English, tell the call-taker the name of the language you speak and stay on the line while you are connected to interpreter services that will provide assistance in your language.

Try to remain on the line until the call-taker tells you it is okay to hang-up.

The following are suggestions NOT recommendations on how to navigate such situations.


The following information is adapted from the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre Peer Support Handbook and the Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse Creating A Safety Plan Booklet