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how to end gender-based violence

How to end gender-based violence

Recommendations from the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW63)


Quotes from CSW63

Incorporating women and local community members into the planning and implementation phase of service projects

“Women should be incorporated in the decision making.”

“Local capacity is necessary for sustainability.”

“Nothing for us without us.”

Putting pressure on governments and non-governmental organizations to abolish oppressive laws and policies.

“Call upon governments to ensure protection to all individuals.”

“Government are not willing to change policy without pressure from civil society.”

Giving women better access to education.

“Fight for female education.”

“Women need to be empowered through education to break the cycle of poverty.”

“Education is key to end child marriage so they are empowered with knowledge so they will be able to stand up for themselves and choose who and when they should marry.”

Implementing a collaborative approach when designing and implementing initiatives.

“Our collective failure, our response must evolve and demand initiatives to eradicate human trafficking.”

“Collective voice needs to grow. We must continue to expand our community, including academics, NGO, local women groups, and civil society leaders in our movement.”

“We need to take a number of actions to eliminate child marriage and reach considerable progresses. It is important to make sure work in this area and multilateral as all need to contribute and be supported.”

Involving males into discussions of gender equality.

“Engaging men is discussions of gender equality should be seen as good practice.”

“We need to link men into it discussion of sexual violence.”

“Engaging men and boys is an important aspect to reaching women’s economic empowerment.”

Improving Employment Opportunities for Women

“Build the capacity for community-based organization to advocate for women’s economic empowerment.”

“Through the social protection program women are benefiting.”

“They are able to have school uniforms, the dropout rate has gone down.”

“Importance of valuing underpaid care. Gender equality required equal pay of equal value.”