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my empowerment Platform

The “My Empowerment Platform” is a life-saving, live-changing web application for women and girls experiencing violence during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The web application will provide educational information (e.g., what gender-based violence is, why it occurs, etc.), resources for women and girls facing violence (e.g., medical, legal, and safety planning resources), and Covid-19 specific resources/tools (e.g., online/text-only crises lines, national campaigns).

The information will be provided within a Canadian context; however, it may also be applicable to different countries across the world.

The goal of the My Empowerment Platform is to continue to grow and expand, and ultimately become a comprehensive resource for women and girls facing violence in Canada and beyond.

Thank you to Marketing Blendz, a web-design and development company based in Ottawa, for graciously offering to create this website free of charge to support women and girls during the Covid-19 pandemic.